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Garden Diary
Never forget what, where, and when you planted
Garden Diary is a fun and easy way to track the progress of your garden year after year. Choose from over 60 icon images to represent each plant and arrange them in the grid to reflect the layout of your garden. Tap an icon to bring up the details for each plant. Track the current status of each plant and record the planting, sprouting, and harvesting dates. Germination and maturation times are automatically computed. Use the app again and again with a unique set of plants for each new season. Details for all past seasons are saved so you can see the progress year after year.

Garden Layout

Plant List

In the garden layout view, you can arrange the icons by dragging them to the grid square that best represents your personal garden. If you drag the icon to the trash in the lower right corner it will permanently delete the plant. Tapping a plant icon will bring up the edit screen allowing you to change all characteristics of the plant. Tapping the + will allow you to add a new plant to the garden layout screen. When a new plant is added, the icon will appear near the center grid square and flash red until it is moved to the desired grid square. The garden layout will show all plants associated with the selected season (displayed in the upper left).
The plant list screen is a textual view of each plant that has been associated with the selected season (displayed in the upper left). From this screen you can tap a row to edit the plant, add a new plant through the + icon, or swipe left on a row to bring up the option to permanently delete a plant.

Plant Detail


The plant detail screen lies at the heart of of the Garden Diary. It contains all of the characteristics for a given plant. This screen  can be used to add a new plant or edit an existing plant. If the + is tapped from either the garden layout or plant list views, the detail screen will be blank and a new plant can be added. When a new plant is added by tapping the "Done" button it will automatically be associated with the selected season. If an existing icon in the garden layout or a row in the plant list is tapped, it will be populated with all the data that has been previously input for that plant.
From the information screen you can access the app settings, instructions, and about page. The settings screen allows you to choose between seasons. When the app is opened for the first time the selected season will be assigned to the current year. On the settings screen the user has the option to create a new season for the upcoming year. Seasons that are currently stored in memory are shown in black and potential new seasons are shown in red. When a season is changed, both the garden layout and plant list will update to reflect the plants stored for this new season. If this is a new season they will be blank, but do not panic, the previous layout and list can be restored by simply re-selecting the appropriate season.